1. The Mik’maq Blockade has cost the gas company an estimated $50,000 per day, and has been ongoing for two weeks. Today’s crack down is a direct betrayal of a peace process ongoing between the Elsipogtog and the New Brunswick premier, and a violation of the rights of Indigenous Peoples as according to the UN. The government of Canada has instigated a major diplomatic incident, and global solidarity is coming in from countries around the world.

    The whole world is watching!

    (via UPDATE: Mik’maq Resist! 6 RCMP Cars Torched, Fracking Equipment Confiscated)

    IMPORTANT: For those who want to show their support and cannot make it to the site please call or email : Call/email the Premier’s Office in New Brunswick, Canada: premier@gnb.ca or (506) 453-2144
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